Aguadulce Car Rental

Tropicar offers Aguadulce Car Rental, with drop off and pick up at your hotel or apartment. Aguadulce is a holiday resort gathering everything the visitor could want, plenty of bars, shops, hotels, apartments and camping. You can find all kinds of services, and of course the first rental car business in the area, TROPICAR Aguadulce Car Rental.  With its beach serene and natural, as well as highly active marina where you can enjoy sailing lessons, diving and paddling. Also in Aguadulce you can join the best ambient party in the Marina area, where the dancing goes on until the small hours.

Aguadulce Car Rental

Aguadulce Car Rental Aguadulce Car Rental

Your Aguadulce Car Rental can be arranged for you wherever you are with pick up and drop off at your hotel or home. Whether you are in Aguadulce for business or pleasure, when you start your Aguadulce Car Hire with Tropicar, you will be off to a great start! We have been hiring cars out in the area for over 30 years. That puts us in a wonderful position to advise you on how to get the most out of your hire.

Aguadulce is one of our favourite spots on the Costa De Almeria, where the mountains sweep down to the beach. Unsurprisingly the town is named after a fresh water spring, the position of which can still be seen today, close to the Marina. At the heights of the movie industry in Almeria and the Tabernas desert (to the North) many famous actors and directors chose to stay in Aguadulce with reports of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood enjoying the local hospitality and cuisine. In the 1960s, before the road was built from Almeria to the west, the only way into Aguadulce was through a road from the mountains. This leads straight to Tabernas Desert where is located the main movie set created by Sergio Leone. This was originally built in 1968 to film Once Upon a Time in the West and later many more spaghetti westerns were filmed here. Today these film sets exist in the form of theme parks and can be visited throughout the year.

Aguadulce Car Rental

Just ask any of our Tropicar Rent a Car Aguadulce staff about the tales of the land and whether that is geological, historical or geographical we will delight you with our stories of Aguadulce past and present and where to visit. Start your Aguadulce Car Hire with Tropicar and make the most out of your visit.

Call +34 950 33 44 00 to speak to our staff directly and arrange full details of your hire. We never add extra charges later. What you agree with us we stick to with no hidden charges.



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Tropicar Rent a Car Almeria, has over 30 years experience in the car rental industry.  Covering the Costa de Almeria:  Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce, Almerimar, El Cabo de Gata and Retamar (Almeria).



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